Acrylic floor re-surfacing and polishing

Here at Dance Floor Refurb we take great pride in our acrylic floor re-surfacing and polishing procedure which we have worked tirelessly to ensure that the end process is a perfectly clean, mirror like finish..

Acrylic panels over time become extremely worn out and require a 16 stage restoration process to ensure that they look as good as the day they left the factory of your chosen dance floor manufacturer.

Using our heavily tested procedures we have found a process which turns your scratched, dull and often damaged panels to a perfectly smooth mirror like finished perfect panel.

We work using a very simple way of thinking and that is if you cannot see your reflection clearly within the panel then we would not hand you it back until you can.

We can re-surface any type of Acrylic panels including;

  • Black or white LED starlit panels
  • Black or white non lit panels
  • Colour commander panels
  • RGB panels
If you are unsure as to whether our treatment will work on your dance floor feel free to contact us to discuss this and get clarity.
You can view some of our examples of finished panels by visiting our Facebook page by clicking HERE, alternatively you can view some of these in our Gallery by clicking HERE.

Before and after acrylic finishing

As you can see from the above before and after comparisons of a white/black and a black starlit LED panel the difference is immediately noticeable, the panels are not only visually restored back to a brand new condition they are electronically perfect too, our technician team ensure that every panel that leaves ourselves is working perfectly.