Dance Floor Resurfacing

LED Replacement

Replacement of non working LED's

Edge Regeneration

Make your dance floor edges like new

Surface Regeneration

Glossy finish to your acrylic panels


Diagnosing unknown issues for an effective solution.


Solve intermittent panels

Full Replacement

Replacement of all internals for extensively damaged floors.

Dance Floor Resufacing

Gone are the days of replacing your dance floor stock with new due to being heavily worn and/or scratched.

Using our 16 step process we can make your old, tired and worn dance floor panels look as glossy as the day they left the manufacturers factory.

This is done at a fraction of the cost of a replacement dance floor panel.

DAnce Floor Electricals

Should your dance floor have either permanent or intermittent electrical issues there is very little we cannot diagnose and repair to ensure a perfectly working panel.

This could be as simple as changing a LED right through to replacing all of the channels within the dance floor panel going from a panel without any LED’s working to a panel with every LED working as it should.

The level of electrical repairs carried out is done so whilst remaining mindful that some panels could be beyond economical repair, when this is the case you will be notified directly prior to any work being carried out on that panel.

Aluminium Edge Polishing

Ali Edge Refinishing

Along with our ability to bring your acrylic dance floor panels to an beautiful glossy finish we have also formulated a process to bring your dance floors aluminium edging to much better finished condition.

There is the choice of either the one step polish for these or alternatively a two step polish.

You wouldn’t go on a night out with new clothes but old shoes so why put a sparkling dance floor out with old tired edging?!

worn to new

Using our tried and tested process we can take the most damaged of acrylic floor panels to as good as condition the day they left the factory.

With a variety of services provided we can rectify a large amount of issues ranging from small electrical issues such as a non working LED to complete electrical replacement.

We can eradicate acrylic marking from the smallest of blemishes to badly scratched and worn panels to a glossy like finish.

All repairs are completed by our in house Dance Floor Refurbishment team ensuring that every repair is done so to the highest standard, once a repair is completed the panel is then put through rigorous testing to ensure that any repairs will withstand the pressures applied during regular use.