Acrylic Dance Floor Refurbishment

Lease a LED dance floor

Are you a venue that needs a pristine dance floor at all times but dont want to have to deal with the hassle of buying a dancefloor along with the large financial initial outlay that comes with this and paying for further repairs?

Our short term or long term leasing program is the perfect solution for this!

Training on how to install and clean the dance floor effectively is given with every hire along with all servicing costs meaning should your dance floor generate a fault the responsibility for repairing this along with the cost is covered by us!

Contact the team today to discuss leasing a dance floor from us today whether it be short term or long term by clicking HERE


Trade in your old, tired and broken dance floor for a mirror finish perfect floor!

Refurbished LED Dance Floor

As you can see from the above before and after comparison of a white starlit LED panel the difference is immediately noticeable, the panels are not only visually restored back to a brand new condition they are electronically perfect too, our technician team ensure that every panel that leaves ourselves is working perfectly.

All refurbished dance floors are completed with any upgrades to stability that we offer as standard.