Refurbished LED Dance Floor

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Along with refurbishing your dance floor we also have a number of complete refurbished dance floors for sale.

We can provide anything from a singular dance floor panel to a full dance floor complete with edging and power supply.

All of our dance floors come with a 3 month return to base warranty meaning should your dancefloor have any electrical faults within 3 months of purchase this can be returned to ourselves and repaired free of charge.

You can even trade in your old, scratched or non-working dance floor bringing down the cost of your replacement floor with our “trade in” scheme.

Delivery and collection is available, you are more than welcome to visit us to collect or deliver your dance floor to.

 Contact us today to see how we can make replacing your dance floor as seamless and inexpensive experience by clicking HERE


Trade in your old, tired and broken dance floor for a mirror finish perfect floor!

Scratched and dirty dance floor for dance floor refurbishment
Completed Dance Floor Refurbishment

As you can see from the above before and after comparison of a white starlit LED panel the difference is immediately noticeable, the panels are not only visually restored back to a brand new condition they are electronically perfect too, our technician team ensure that every panel that leaves ourselves is working perfectly.

All refurbished dance floors are completed with any upgrades to stability that we offer as standard.