Electrical Repairs

Here at Dance Floor Refurb we can undertake a number of electrical repairs as part of floor repairs

With the level of electrical repairs required able to vary substantially from one dance floor panel to another we offer a large number of services to ensure that we return a dance floor in perfect working condition to yourself.

Types of electrical repairs we undertake are;

  • Replacement LED’s (We stock a variety of LED’s to ensure these match the LED’s already within your dance floor panels)
  • Diagnosing and rectifying full LED channels out.
  • Repair/replace connector blocks, from blocks no longer passing power through to supplying and replacing copper contact blocksĀ 
  • Panel earthing (rectifies the issue around panels randomly going off and on which affects all floor manufacturers)
  • PCB board replacement – we stock replacement PCB boards for both UK manufactured and imported dance floors.
  • Part or full wire replacement – broken wires within the dance floor panel can fix a wide variety of faults.
Once we have completed any electrical repairs we then put the panel through a “stress test” to ensure that your repaired dance floor panel will withstand the pressure that is placed upon it during day to day use.

Damaged connectors replaced

Any level of replacement LED's

If your dance floor is suffering from electrical issues, here at Dance Floor Refurb we can rectify this as part of a comprehensive refurbishment including surface treatment or as an individual service, all at price that is a fraction of the cost of a replacement dance floor, with the same results.

Whether it be a single LED that is not lit up or a complete dance floor panel that will not power at all we can rectify it, regardless of the manufacturer we hold both the stock and the knowledge to rectify these problems.

You can view some of our examples of finished panels by visiting our Facebook page by clicking HERE, alternatively you can view some of these in our Gallery by clicking HERE.